Dear Librify members,

We are writing to share some important and exciting news – Librify has been acquired by Scribd. We believe Scribd provides the ideal strategic fit for Librify and the perfect platform for the Librify vision to live on. At its core, Librify’s goal was to help members of existing book clubs and aspirational readers of all kinds, enjoy a more meaningful and robust reading experience. All of this can now best be done on Scribd.

Over the coming weeks, we will be working with Scribd on the transition and we will be providing you with more information and a special offer to join Scribd. For the time being, you can still access your Librify account. However, you will no longer be able to purchase content on our site and we are no longer accepting new memberships. If you are having any trouble logging into your account or accessing the books you have already purchased, please email us at If you have purchased a gift card through a Target store and have not yet used it, you may return it to Target for a refund. If you have already redeemed your gift card but it still has credit remaining on it, please email us all the information regarding your card including your gift card number, where you purchased it, your name and contact information, so that we may process any refund that may be required.

We are excited for you, our customers, to join Scribd and are confident you will love the reading experience it offers. A heartfelt thanks to all of you, our customers, for being the most important part of our exciting journey. Thank you for helping us to build Librify and for reading with us! We wish you a wonderful reading-filled summer!

Warmest regards,

The Librify Team
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